The Case of Nikki Pagan Audio Book is on the Way!

Great news!

The Case of Nikki Pagan has a narrator and will be out in audio format in a matter of weeks.

After the Jaws of Life tear Jason from the wreckage of his drunk-driving accident, he finds himself on the long-term pediatric ward, wondering if he will ever walk again.

Bobby only wants one thing out of life, to be a normal teen with normal friends. But when as the last-possible round of chemo fails to stem the spread of the tumors ravaging your body’s soft tissue, it’s hard to be normal.

Nikki is the glue that holds the two boys together. She is a bright and precocious fifteen-year-old girl. But why is she on the long-term ward? Why won’t she talk about what is wrong with her? Jason finds himself drawn into the mystery that is Nikki Pagan.


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